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"Hannah Brudnock delivers a winning performance..."
-Gil Benbrook, Phoenix Regional Theatre Critic 

Hannah played Samm in The Hit

"Know that Life is not fair, and you will fail often. But, take risks and you will succeed"

Hannah Brudnock

Hannah Brudnock is a passionate and driven actress, singer, and performer with a rich down-to-earth personality. She was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona to a large loving family that encouraged her artistic aspirations from the time she was very little all the way to tackling a Bachelor of Music at Arizona State University. Her father's love for film and musical theatre paired with her mother's strong work ethic proved to be the perfect combination for a career in the arts. They stuck by her side (even during 7 am tap dancing zoom classes in the heat of the pandemic!)

For four years, Hannah studied proper vocal technique with Gordon Hawkins, a critically acclaimed baritone opera singer, and professor. A few of her favorite shows from college include Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's Bright Star where she played the young and passionate book-lover Margo, the reserved and curious disciple singing By My Side in Godspell, and the omnipotent and ever-changing Narrator in Fly By Night. Hannah was involved in several New Works at ASU like Carmel Dean’s Well-Behaved Women where she portrayed one of the feminist activists part of the anonymous 1980s group "The Guerilla Girls." A year later, in the heat of the pandemic, Hannah was fortunate enough to be part of Nayika, a new musical written by Vaibu Mohan and Raiah Rofsky. One of the two performances was staged at The Phoenix Theater Company as a part of their Festival of New American Theatre! (The Nayika album can be found on Spotify/Apple Music). More recently, Hannah was thrilled to be involved in the New Works reading of The Valley written by Eric Fegan and Jamie Maletz. 

After college, Hannah worked two back-to-back contracts with The Phoenix Theatre Company as a swing in On Your Feet! and Bandstand. Hannah turned the tables soon after when she flexed her muscles in physical comedy playing the eccentric and blunt assassin Samm in The Hit at The Hale Centre Theatre.

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